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Vini da Pinto - the main dining area of the restaurant

The Restaurant

Enjoy the best of Venetian cuisine in our spacious, air-conditioned dining rooms

During a complete internal refurbishment of the restaurant, a 16th century fireplace came to light between the plaster and the wall, which is lovingly displayed. Ancient stone pillars stand in recesses along the bare brick walls, and beams from the 14th century, also discovered during the renovations, are in full view. Looking up at the ceiling, it is incredible to think that they date back to a time when the Rialto Bridge was made of wood and thronging with local merchants.

Treat yourself to food prepared and presented to modern standards that are based on recipes going back centuries. Our friendly, professional staff will be happy to guide you through your choices and the best wine to accompany them.

The layout of the restaurant allows ample room for large or family groups, as well as offering a quiet space for couples and those who wish to dine alone.

Vini da Pinto, Rialto - The restaurant interior

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