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The Menu

Fresh ingredients directly from the Rialto market!

The Rialto market not only provides a vivid local spectacle for early lunchers on our terrace; it also supplies our kitchen with a fresh selection of locally caught fish and crustaceans.

Seafood specialities served all year around at Vini da Pinto include spaghetti alle vongole (clams), tagliatelle all’astice (lobster) and seppie al nero (squid in its ink). Our chefs team up tiny lagoon prawns with zucchini, porcini, radicchio or whatever is in season at the vegetable stalls next to the fish market.

Depending on which fish are caught, we’ll be frying or grilling sea bass, gilthead bream or sardines, for example. The restaurant manager visits the Rialto market every morning to personally select the best produce and choose what to feature. This means the menu is always supplemented by dishes featuring the catch of the day – a fresh take on the blackboard special!

And we haven’t forgotten the origins of Campo delle Beccarie – in other words, the butchers of Butchers Square! We take just as much pride in Venetian dishes based on meat, such as fegato alla veneziana con polenta (liver and onions served with polenta), or in satisfying the desire for a juicy Angus steak, fresh off the grill or served in a classic pepper sauce.

Our menu proposes a four-course meal: antipasti, starters, mains and dessert. You may already be familiar with the famous Venetian treat, tiramisu. There are many versions of it – we think you should try ours.

Vini da Pinto - fresh seafood from the Rialto Market

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