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Vini da Pinto - Restaurant at the Rialto - Outside seating neat the Rialto Market

Outside Seating near the Rialto Market

Catch a slice of Venetian life during the day, or enjoy the peace and tranquility of the square in the evening.

Vini da Pinto’s generous outside seating area spreads out into Campo delle Beccarie, or ‘Butchers Square’ (it was once home to dozens of butchers’ shops). But it is not so much the excellent meat that draws shoppers to the campo as the local produce: fruit, vegetables and seafood.

The restaurant terrace looks directly onto the famous Rialto markets, which have been supplying Venetians with fresh fish, fruit and vegetables for a millennium. Before your meal, take a stroll around the market stalls and be impressed by the colourful and varied display of fruit and vegetables. Head for the fish market under the loggia and see the fresh catch arranged artfully on ice. If you look halfway up the colonnades, you’ll see the same sea creatures sculpted in stone – crabs, lobsters, fish, octopus, scallops, sea snails and seahorses. This seems to tell us something about Venice: seafood is at the heart of the markets; seafood is at the heart of Venetian cuisine.

The terrace accommodates 60 people and is ideal for large groups.

Outside seating near the Rialto Market - Vini da Pinto

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